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The care of the street dogs is a priority of Yambol municipality – Bulgaria.

On 13th of May 2009 the municipality has signed a contract with  „Three D“ Ltd. to reduce the population of the stray animals. The company provides the following services : collecting, castration, de-worming, treatment, vaccination, marking and returning of the animals to the places they were collected from.

However, not all the animals can be returned. Some of them remain in the shelter of the municipality, because they are still babies or because they are left behind by their former owners.

You can help by adopting a dog or by supporting them at the shelter with the following:

1. Dog Food
2. Food trays
3. Plastic buckets
4. Plastic or wooden beds
5. Sheets, blankets, old clothes, pillows, mattresses, blankets, carpets
6. Dog houses
7. Straw
8. Advertisement
9.Walking the dogs and playing with them

If you want to help, please visit our Facebook page „Friends of Animal Shelter, Yambol“.

The shelter is located in the industrial area of the city – Yambol, Yambolen road.

An example of the donation contract.

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